Friday Faces: Maricela of San Pedro La Laguna

San Pedro la laguna portrait


Meet Maricela! This little cutie was the next door neighbor of our host family in San Pedro La Laguna, Guatemala. Although quiet at first, she was quick to warm up to us, and often came over to play games in the yard. She is an absolute sweetheart, but don’t be mistaken by that smile, she also has a mischievous side. One of her favorite pranks was hiding sand inside Jules’ shoes. But who couldn’t forgive a face like that? She loved it when we chased her around the yard. She’d giggle and scream, but eventually end up in our arms for a big hug.

Like most young girls around San Pedro she wore the traditional Mayan dress, intricately hand woven with beautifully bright colors. When she wasn’t spilling food down her top and getting her mum to clean it, you’d see her parading around town like a little woman carrying shopping bags from the market and helping the family.

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