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In late 2013 we traveled to Cuba for the first time and completely fell in love with the country’s charm and vibrancy. Upon returning from this trip we noticed a serious lack of relevant and accurate information on traveling to Cuba.

There just wasn’t anything available, so we decided to change that!

After collating all of our Cuba experiences on Don’t Forget To Move we quickly became a trusted expert on Cuba travel, receiving hundreds of thousands of page views on our content.

This led us back to Cuba once again in 2016, and since that time we've continued to keep up to date with all the latest news for Cuba travel.

Within our Cuba resources you’ll find everything you need to start your Cuba adventure today! From booking the cheapest flights, staying in local houses, eating the street food and even traveling to Cuba legally as an American! Get started below:

Do I need travel insurance in Cuba?

As common saying in the travel world is, "If you can't afford travel insurance, then you can't afford to travel!"

Buying travel insurance isn't about being overly cautious, or scared to travel, it's about being prepared if something goes wrong. It could be something as simple as loosing your camera or phone, or it could be covering expensive medical bills if you get injured or sick.

Don't be scared ... just be prepared!

3 weeks in Cuba

Three times travel insurance saved our butts!

Christine spent 4 nights in hospital with Dengue Fever in Cuba and had all her medical bills covered. World Nomads covered more than double what it cost her to buy a full year of insurance!

Jules lost his new iPhone in Guyana and had it replaced by World Nomads. Simple as that!

We lost our camera at the airport in Bali and received 90% of the funds back to buy a new one!