Z Hostel : The Best Hostel in Makati Manila

The first time we heard of Z Hostel was from a friend living in Makati who suggested we visit a roof top party there one weekend. He had never stayed there, didn’t know anyone that had, but had still heard, through pure reputation, about the amazing features of Z Hostel. After visiting that night we were hooked and just had to stay there to check it out for ourselves.

Staying at Z Hostel in the Philippines is not just staying at a hostel, it’s an experience. From the moment you walk in the front door and check in with the amazing staff, right up until you unhappily leave for your next destination. Z Hostel is mixing luxury hotel features with all the perks and facilities of a social hostel. And they’re it right! There’s little surprise that Z Hostel is emerging as the best hostel in Makati Manila, and here are a few reasons why.

best hostel in makati manila

Rooms and Facilities

On the outside Z Hostel is modern and edgy, but the inside has a much softer, personal touch. Immediately after stepping into the building the industrial chic exterior makes way for a clean, crisp and comfortable feel on the inside. Careful consideration has gone into the interior design, as beautiful photographs hang from the walls and stylish leather couches make up the lounge area.


best hostel in makati manila


Inside the rooms, in the style of true boutique hostels, Z Hostel offers its guests some of the most comfortable beds and pillows you’ll find in all of your travels in the Philippines. After sleeping on thin foam mats for the last 5 months it’s almost too difficult to describe how comfortable they were. Once we laid our heads on the pillows it was basically bed time. Only downside is you might not want to leave the room! Each bed has a charging station, equipped with a power socket and USB plug, as well as a light. It’s a nice touch, and another confirmation that the little things are often the most appreciated.

Unlike traditional dorms that have external share bathrooms, all of the privates and dorms in Z Hostel have their own bathrooms inside the room. Modest showers and toilet facilities provide all you’ll need in the sanctity of your own room, which is a surprisingly nice change from walking around a hostel in your towel waiting for a shower to free up.


best hostel in makati manila



Not only is Z Hostel within a prime location of the ever interesting Makati, but the hostel itself boasts an exciting array of social events on its roof top bar. From live DJ sets till the early hours, to private acoustic shows at sunset, there’s always something happening at Z Hostel to entertain the traveller and local alike. If you want a night out exploring, the heart of Makati’s nightlife (predominantly red light district near Z Hostel) is only a short walk away. From oiled up midget boxing (personally not our thing, but we’re not judging) and ladyboy cabaret shows, to sports bars and some tantalizing restaurants.


best hostel in makati manila


If the grungy side of Makati isn’t your scene than take a short Jeepney or taxi ride to the ritzy shopping area of the Greenbelt malls. Here you’ll find more glamour and glitz than you’d ever imagine. This high end shopping center is worth a visit, even just to see the sheer contrast of socio-economic status in Manila.


Value for Peso

Dorm bed prices range from 1000PHP to 1300PHP per person depending on the number of beds in the room and privates start at 2400PHP. This may seem a little pricey for South East Asia, but for the Philippines it’s very reasonable considering the serious lack of budget/comfort options available. The all female dorms have a few added extras like bathrobes and vanity mirrors, to make any scrubby traveler feel like a princess for a night. There’s also a decent breakfast included in the price, which is enough to get you started for a big day around Manila.


best hostel in makati manila


Believe us when we say this, prices are very reasonable for the Makati area. After walking around Makati checking out a few places for comparison purposes we can confidently say that your options are very slim when looking for budget and comfort. Actually make that budget in general. Even the “budget” rooms were charging at least 1500PHP a night for a double, and they definitely didn’t invoke a sense of comfort.

That’s why at Z Hostel you really get a lot of bang for your buck. Hotel luxuries and hostel social life really do make for a brilliant combination and Z Hostels manages to pull it off with an elegant charm. Without a doubt making it our definite pick as the best hostel in Makati Manila.


Thanks a lot to everyone at Z Hostel for making our time memorable. If you’d also like to stay at the best hostel in Makati Manila then you can book your stay here

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