5 Reasons to Visit Sacramento with megabus

With the summer of 2017 coming to an end, many of us are itching to squeeze in some last minute trips before the weather cools. Last minute flights can cost an arm and leg and while road trips are fun, getting stuck playing chauffeur to a rowdy group or cranky kids can be exhausting. Luckily, there’s another option: megabus. Megabus has routes to more than 100 cities around North America with fares as little as $1! Seriously, $1? There’s no excuse not to travel!

Jules and I were itching for a little day trip to somewhere in California before taking off on our van road trip. We had a scope of the megabus website and found that Sacramento was the quickest and cheapest destination from San Francisco. We decided it was a perfect spot for a day trip because it’s only a couple hours away, but has plenty to see and do. We booked our tickets literally the day before (I told you it was last minute!) and started planning our 1 day Sacramento itinerary! After spending the day there, we can agree that it’s a fantastic destination for a last minute summer getaway. Here are our top 7 reasons you should visit Sacramento with megabus:

1. Sacramento is easy to get to 

If you’re traveling from San Francisco, or anywhere in the Western US for that matter, Sacramento is a great choice for a day or overnight trip. It’s often overshadowed by locations in SoCal, but it has plenty to do. It’s only a short 2 hour trip from San Francisco and leaves from SF’s train station, so if you’re coming from outside the city, you’ll be able to get to the departure spot easily. If you’re coming from out of state, it’s pretty cool to see CA’s capitol and learn about the State’s history. If you’re not traveling in California, no worries! You can search your travel dates on the megabus.com website and easily find affordable trips near you!

2. You can get something done while you travel

If you’re anything like us, the last part of summer is crazy hectic. There always seems to be a million things to do, so taking a last minute trip isn’t always easy to squeeze in. Luckily riding a bus gives you the opportunity to get some stuff done on the way to and from your trip. Pack your laptop or phone to crush some emails and get that inbox to zero! Or, if you’re like me and get nauseous at just the thought of reading in a bus, chuck your headphones in and listen to a podcast or your favorite music. Take the time to give yourself a much needed relax at the end of a busy summer.


3. A different neighborhood for everyone

Sacramento is a perfect destination for a big group of friends or family with different interests, or just if you want to see a lot of different areas in one day! The city has unique neighborhoods for every taste and interest. Old town is perfect if you have an affinity for the wild west and want to learn more about the city’s history. It’s a particularly fun area for kids because there are lots of old Western shops and saloons. Downtown Sac is where the action is, politically speaking. There’s definitely a buzz in the air, knowing that huge government decisions are being made just down the street. Twenty and thirty-somethings looking for a hipper neighborhood will enjoy Mid-town Sacramento. Midtown has a very cool vibe with hip restaurants, cafes and bars, and every second Saturday of the month there’s an art walk with food, drinks, live music and, of course, art!


4. Breweries 

One of the best things about taking the bus is that you don’t have to worry about having too many drinks to drive home. Although not as famous as other beer meccas in the Pacific Northwest, Sacramento is home to some really delicious bars and breweries. We stopped at local favorite Burgers and Brews for lunch and a cold one. With 44 beers on tap, and a few more rotating seasonally, there’s no shortage of brews to sample. The bar is stacked with local beers, with most coming from California and Oregon, as well as all the way from Belgium. By the early afternoon the place was packed with people, a sure sign of good food and brews. Other options for beer drinkers include Coin-op, a bar + arcade combo, and bike tours that take you to different breweries around the city! The best part is knowing you have a safe and comfortable ride home at the end of the evening.


5. Plenty of outdoor spaces to soak up the last of the summer sun

 If you’re heading to Sacramento for a last minute summer trip, you’ll want to spend most of the day outside. Luckily Sac-town is usually very sunny, so it’s a perfect opportunity to get the most out of your summer dresses and short shorts! Outdoor lovers will enjoy the endless activities like floating down the Sacramento River or biking the American River Trail. Those that want to go at a slower pace can walk around the lovely State Capitol Park. Don’t miss the beautiful International World Peace Rose Gardens located inside the park.


Although our time in Sacramento was short, it was a perfect destination for a day trip from San Francisco. The city is unique and has plenty to do and see. It’s unique enough to really make you feel like you’re experiencing something new and small enough so you can get to know the city fairly well in just a day. We’ll be keeping an eye out for more affordable fares for quick and easy getaways! Check out the megabus route guide to find affordable fares in your area, as well as what to do around each location! 

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of megabus.com. The opinions and text are all mine.

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