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Disclosure: This post has been written in collaboration with Trover. In 2019, Don’t Forget To Move became an official Trover ambassador and we couldn’t be more excited to share this amazing company with you. As always, all views and opinions are our own and we would never promote a product or service that we didn’t fully support, trust and use.

If you’ve been checking out our social feeds, you may have noticed that we keep referencing this thing called Trover. Some of you know what it is, many of you don’t. A few of you immediately went on and created a Trover account for yourselves because you figured it must be legit if we’re promoting it (you know who you are and we love you for it!). Whichever column you fall under, we wanted to hop on here to pull back to the curtain and answer the question – what is Trover?

In a nutshell, Trover is a travel photo sharing app and website. We know, we know. Who needs another social media account? In a world where we’re glued to our phones, is another social media network really necessary? Hear us out..

Trover is awesome because it’s 100% travel focused. That means when you go on to their app or website, you’ll only find travel related content. No more logging on to Instagram for travel inspo and then realizing you’ve spent the past 4 hours looking at meme accounts. Trover is all travel, all the time.


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When posting photos, you can give descriptions, tips and exact locations for your uploads, allowing other users to visit your recommended locations. You can create lists of places you love and search other people’s lists to find nearby locations you never knew about. Trover is all about creating a community of travel-obsessed users who love sharing their favorite places with each other.

Here are some of our favorite features on the Trover app and website:



On Trover, your photo posts are called discoveries. Creating discoveries is super easy. You just upload your photo, geo-tag the location and create a description about the location. You then have the option to automatically share the photo on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr. Once you’ve published you can also share the content on Pinterest, or send it via email. It’s all super easy.

Discoveries can be anything from your favorite white sand beach in Cambodia, the viewpoint from an incredible hike, or simply your favorite spot for a latte in the city. Whatever lights your fire around the world.

You can also search for other people’s discoveries by location or hashtags to find exactly the inspiration you’re looking for. Scroll through the feed, liking and commenting on your favorite discoveries to engage with your fellow Trover community member. Found some inspiration for your next adventure? Add them to a personalized List to curate your favorite content.


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One of our favorite features of Trover is the ability to make lists. Personally, we tend to post photos out of chronological order, some from recent trips and others from years ago. Our feed can get jumbled with a mix of different trips and places, so being able to create lists dedicated to specific destinations is really helpful. Lists are basically a collection of any set of themed discoveries, whether they are your own photos, or photos from other Trover users.


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For example, a user who wants to check out our Maldives content for their upcoming trip can just visit our Maldives list rather than have to scroll through our feed. There they’ll find all our favorite white sand and crystal clear water beaches shots in one!

And lists don’t always have to be destination based. If you go to Trover’s Explore section, you can see that they have featured lists like “Weekend Getaways USA” and “Ancient Ruins & Temples.” These lists are then separated by location. So if you want to find ancient ruins and temples in Cambodia, it’s easy to narrow the list down. You can also save other people’s photos to your list to create a personalized bucket list for future destinations! As you create your list, it will automatically update locations on the list’s map, which basically creates a ready made itinerary for you!



Since Trover is all about practicality, it makes sense that there’s a really functional map feature. When you add photos on your account, you can pinpoint their exact location. Your followers can then plan their itinerary around visiting your recommended places.

Every user has a world map on the top right corner of their feed that shows everywhere they’ve posted discoveries of. So if you’re really digging someone’s content, you can see where else they’ve been and keep getting travel inspiration from them!

Or map is dotted all over the world, so there are plenty of fun adventures to check out!


trover travel app



Trover has a feature that allows you to find nearby destinations that have been tagged by other users. So if you’re off exploring for the day and want to find some nearby recommended spots, you can just hop on the “nearby” section and see what you can find.

Trover doesn’t curate the content by amount of likes, comments or other manipulated stats, they simply show you the closest photos from your exact geo-tag to give you an idea of what’s around.

This is also great if you’re in your hometown and want to have a spontaneous adventure. Sometimes it’s fun being a local and seeing your home through a traveler’s eyes! The app also tells you exactly how far the recommend places are.


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Every month Trover hosts a contest around a different theme. An example of a theme in the past was “perspectives.” To enter, users simply upload a new discovery (must be a new photo!) and used the hashtag #Perspectives in the description. Trover chooses a winner every month to win a $1500 Expedia voucher! Pretty awesome prize just for uploading photos!


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Trover also does a great job of featuring their favorite accounts. They have a few lists that they continuously update including What’s Hot, What’s New, Top Trovers and Discovery of the Day. You may just found yourself and your discoveries featured on one of these lists! This helps promote your account to other Trover users, and they can follow you to see future discoveries.


Why We Love Trover

Trover is a fun way to stay involved with the travel community even when your trip ends. As opposed to Instagram, where you might post shots of your travels and get comments like “pretty” or “so jealous!” Trover commenters are much more likely to ask for tips and recommendations. For travel addicts like us, sharing this information with people who will put it to good use keeps us excited about traveling even when we’re at home.


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To be honest, we’ve recently been disillusioned with Instagram as a travel tool. At one point, we loved sharing shots from our travels and seeing other user’s recommended destinations. But the lines between fashion, lifestyle and travel are blurring on IG. Destinations are becoming a backdrop to the main focus of the newest trend of watches or a popular bikini line. And with the pressure of getting as much engagement as possible, it’s hard not to succumb to the trends. We’ve been guilty of following the herd to keep our likes up. And to be honest, we’re just sick of the “likes” rat race.

Trover bring us back to what social media was originally about – connecting with people all over the world who share your passion. We’re excited to continue using it to get in touch with people who love travel as much as we do! There’s less pressure to post “perfect” photos, or worry about posting too often or not often enough, or posting at the exact right time for your audience. With Trover you can share the places that you love around the world and engage with other users who will hopefully love them too!

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