Top Things to Do in Orlando for Adults (Other Than Disneyland)

Orlando, Florida you say?! You must be talking Disney, rollercoasters, cotton candy and good ole fashioned, all round family friendly fun! 

No? Doesn’t sound like you? Well, believe it or not there is actually much more to the city than Disney theme parks. In fact, there are plenty of fun things for adults to do in Orlando.


Things to do in Orlando other than Disney


Orlando Food Tours

If you want to really get to the heart of a city, you must start at the belly. And what better way than joining an Orlando Food Tour, lead by locals with snouts stronger than your average bloodhound, and the ability to sniff out the tastiest treats within the community. 

These guys are passionate about good food as well as supporting local businesses. You won’t be taken to any chain restaurants and will really get to find out where the lesser known hangouts are. Visiting local restaurants over chain restaurants is also a great way to support sustainable tourism for local businesses.

Ask your significant other, family members or friends where they want to go for dinner, and if the answer is, “I don’t know”, take them here! You’ll be able to sample food from a number of different places, so why choose just one when you can choose them all? 


things to do in orlando


Tibet-Butler Preserve 

A welcome escape from the flashing lights and candy color of the city, this nature preserve is quite literally a breath of fresh air. 

Raised walkways and clear signage make for a pleasant stroll amongst the greenery. This scenery really gives you a sense of what Florida is really like. You’ll even catch a glimpse of turtles, crocs and cranes. 

This preserve is absolutely free and is ideal for giving both the mind and the wallet a rest. A list of all Orlando parks can be found right here, however I would recommend Tibet-Butler above all. 


Fun in Orlando for adults


Orlando Brewing 

If you really want to ditch the kids and find something fun to do in Orlando for adults, then a brewery is usually a safe bet. 

Orlando Brewing has set itself apart from the others. Their founders decided that they would only brew what they wanted to drink, and they wanted to drink the best. In order to stay true to this, they brew according to the German Purity Law (1516) that states that beers should only be brewed with 4 ingredients: water, hops, yeast and malted barley. That means no additives and all of their ingredients are organic. 

These guys take this beer making stuff incredibly seriously and their efforts are worthy of you heading down and slinging a few jars back to pay some respects to the purists. 

Orlando Brewing hosts a number of different events, so be sure to plan your visit ahead of time in order to ensure the best experience.

Oh, and did I mention it’s dog friendly?


Orlando adult attractions


Bob’s Balloons

Take a flight over Orlando or the surrounding area. Bob offers fully customizable balloon rides and is happy to accommodate a suggestion of route and flight path. This is, of course, ultimately dictated by the wind, but if it can happen, he’ll make it happen! 

Not only that, if you have a large enough garden or space in your area, Bob can depart or land right at your home! If that’s not a baller entrance to a party then I don’t know what’s good in the world. 

A balloon ride is a fantastic way of celebrating an event such as an anniversary, special occasion or a treat for your dogs birthday. And what better way to view the city than to peacefully drift with the wind, above the trees and away from the hustle and bustle. It’s also a chance for wildlife spotting, viewing lakes and the other attractions of Florida. 


Hot air balloon ride in Orlando


Rock Dinner 

The Rock Dinner Show is the highest rated dinner show in all of Orlando which basically means you’d be a fool to miss it! 

The show is a sing-your-heart-out, ballad packed jam-fest with all the most iconic rock and pop bangers, served to you in a high-energy musical journey. Say that sentence three times quickly and you’ll be sufficiently hyped up and ready to rock!

Not only will your evening’s soundtrack be of A* standard, accompanied with stunning visual effects and performers, the 3 course meal served comes with its own collection of awards and accolades. This really is a full package when it comes to a great night out, with every detail covered.


Stage show in Orlando for adults


Clear Kayak Tours in Rock Springs

Take advantage of the crystal clear spring waters by paddling about in a see through kayak. The clear boat will break the surface water tension, allowing you to see straight down to the bottom and spot whatever else may be sharing the waters with you.

Not only is kayaking a great way to escape the heat and cool down in the waters, it’s also one of the best modes of transport for wildlife spotting. You’ll be able to silently cruise along the water whilst your knowledgeable guide gives you the low down of the surrounding nature. As well as whatever wildlife you happen to come across. With all wildlife spotting, it is of course a gamble on what you see, but some of the locals in the area include turtles, otters, deer and alligators!

There are numerous scenic photo spots, as well as a rope swing for those feeling a little more adventurous. 

This tour is located at Rock Springs which is a little further outside of the city. There are a few different ways to get over there, but an Orlando car rental would be the easiest and most convenient.

Like kayaking? Check out our Lake Tahoe road trip guide for the top spots to experience kayaking on the lake.

Adult things to do in Orlando


SAK Comedy Lab 

Live improv comedy – a good way to get your sides splitting from laughter. Improv comedy shows are made up throughout the night, with performers branching off from crowd suggestions either in skits, characters, jokes or making up songs. 

The SAK Comedy Lab was the proving ground of many successful comedians including Wayne Brady, as well as writers, actors and producers for shows such as, “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”, “Saturday Night Live”, “Scrubs”, “The Office’, amongst others. 

By heading down to the comedy show for a beer or glass of wine, you may well be about to witness the next big name to rock the comedy world!


Orlando adult activities


Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition Dinner Gala 

So you were looking for something different to do in Orlando, well this is just about as unique as it gets. You can live out all of your Jack and Rose fantasies by joining this Titanic Dinner Gala!

Guests are invited on to the Titanic, given a boarding pass and encouraged to discover your character and learn their story. A tour is given of the ship and of various artifacts, before a cocktail party followed by a 3 course meal. There is an interactive show with actors playing the roles of real life passengers, which you can also join in on. 

Suits, gowns and formal attire is recommended, however you will be fine turning up in casual clothing too.


What to see in Orlando for adults


Fun Things to Do in Orlando Other than Disney 

Well, I think that settles it… there are a TON of fun adult activities to do in Orlando. Comedy shows, breweries, food food food! The surrounding area is teeming with wildlife, you just have to get outside the city limits in order to enjoy. 

Each of the above activities can supplement your high-adrenaline theme park tour, or can make up an entirely new itinerary. And why chose just one? You can experience the best of everything with the convenience of renting a car in Orlando, getting your Disney princess fix and still have time to get out and enjoy the overlooked wonders of the city, such as clear kayaking and hot air balloon rides.

This article is a sponsored post collaboration with Viajemos. As always, all opinions are our own and we would never recommend a company that we didn’t fully support or use ourselves.

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