Top 30 Reasons to Backpack the World

Deep down, most people have the desire to travel. Often it’s pushed into the distant future, a romantic thought for “someday” seeing the world. But by waiting until retirement, you’re wasting valuable travel time! Why wait until old age when you can begin creating a lifetime of memories around the world? We’ve rounded up our top 30 reasons to backpack the world to convince you that there are more reasons to travel than there are excuses not to. Caution: this list may induce rapid job quitting and spontaneous flight bookings!



Soak in a new culture and learn all about the fascinating and interesting difference lifestyles on this Earth! Easily one of the top reasons to backpack the world. The longer you can spend in a country the better you’ll understand it.



Push yourself out of your comfort zone. This might be diving off a 10 meter waterfall, swimming with sharks, or taking a chance on that dodgy looking Mexican ferris wheel. Challenge yourself and see how brave you are!



Make new friends from around the world. You’ll always have a couch to sleep on for that next big trip.



To be thankful for everything you have back home, no matter how big or small. Also to appreciate just how lucky you are if you have the option to travel.



Learn new things about yourself. There’s a lot of inner strength inside just waiting to be tapped.

Reasons to Backpack the World


Sit on a bus for over 24 hours just to save $20. It’s an experience that’s for sure. Also a great way to see how the locals travel. In some countries be prepared for inappropriate action movies played 6 times on repeat.



Live the life of a hardcore budget backpacker by sleeping in an airport for a night. You’ll never appreciate a shitty hostel bed more the next day.



Spend more time doing what you love. If you love surfing, find a beach with killer waves and post up for a month. If it’s yoga, check out a peaceful countryside retreat.



Address that deep yearning you’ve had to see the world. Make your dreams a reality and don’t wait for the future. You never know what might change, so take the opportunity while you can!



Sample beer from all over the world! Or rum, or wine, or whatever gets the job done. You get the point!



Volunteer some of your expertise to a worthy cause that can genuinely benefit some people in need.

Reasons to Backpack the World


Learn a different language. Even if it’s just a few sentences to get you by, the locals will love it and it’ll enhance your traveling by a long shot.



Visit as many countries as you can. Just make sure you give yourself time to enjoy them.


Spend the night on a toilet because you picked the wrong street food (not something to brag about, but a funnier story in hindsight).


To sit on a chicken bus through Central America, and literally have a chicken sit on your lap.


CouchSurf with a stranger (who hopefully isn’t a weirdo).


Reasons to Backpack the World



Expand your culinary experiences. It may include a couple of wacky things along the way, but every culture is not without their weird and wonderful foods. I’m Australian, and I can admit that Vegemite is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it sure  is delicious!



Explore your spirituality…. Wherever that may take you.


Hike up a massive volcano, bring a sleeping bag, camp on the top, and then wake up to a new day.



Prove to your friends and family back home that you’re a badass who isn’t scared to take the world head on!



Pick up a new traveling skill or hobby like juggling, slack lining or poi.

Reasons to Backpack the World


Get a crazy random tattoo with a bunch of strangers that have now become your fellow Pioneers.



Reinvent yourself! It’s the perfect time to break away from your perception back home and be whoever you want to be!


Not matter how old you are, party all night on an island covered in fluorescent body paint like it’s nobody’s business.


Give yourself valuable ‘you-time’. Take a step back from all the decisions and life choices you’re forced to make everyday. Time to figure out what’s next in life.


To try deep-fried insects, just once.


Get out of your current rut and break the monotony of everyday life. Time for a change!

Reasons to Backpack the World


Sleep in a hammock strung up between two coconut trees on a deserted Caribbean island. Easiest way to forget your problems!


Buy a motorbike or van and just travel wherever the wind may take you. The ultimate freedom while traveling the world!



Randomly meet the love of your life and throw all your plans out the window just to be with them. Hey, it happens! Just check out our story!

5 thoughts on “Top 30 Reasons to Backpack the World”

  1. One of the items on my bucket list is definitely backpacking. I just don’t have enough money for it yet. 🙁 Plus I kind of have a bf who is addicted to organizing everything. So, he’ll probably be setting itineraries and booking hotels when we go backpacking, which isn’t backpacking at all. Maybe I’ll travel the world alone if I can’t get him to go for it. 🙂

    Stay awesome.

    • Yes you really should! It really changes your perspective on travel and the cultures you’re visiting. Setting an itinerary while backpacking can still be backpacking, but it’s always good to find a balance and throw some caution into the wind and just wing it! Or… travel solo as you said haha! Good luck!


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