RV Travel with Dogs | Safety & Comfort for Your Pet

There’s nothing like traveling down mountain roads, alongside lakes, and through the woods on wheels. An RV, even a rental RV, gives you the freedom to transport all your belongings and comforts for an exciting adventure around parts of the world.

If you’re a dog parent and always toyed with the idea of bringing along your fur baby, you’re not alone. Four wheels shouldn’t get in the way of including your best friend. There are hundreds of travelers who embark on adventures with their pets and we’re going to show you the safest and most comfortable way to do it for you and your dog.


RV Traveling with Dogs: What to Expect

While full-time RV living with dogs can be tougher on the family, a week-long road trip or weekend getaway helps keep things a bit more stress-free.

RV’ing with pets is an adventure in itself. Instead of leaving your pooch at home or at the kennels, you can bring them along for your wild adventure! But you’ll always need to consider your dog’s comfort, safety, and health when embarking on your RV trip.


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Having a trained dog will be a big advantage, and you’ll need to ensure that they’re used to walking on leashes and being around other dogs and people. After all, they won’t be spending all of their time in the RV.

Positive reinforcement in the form of treats and plenty of cuddles can help your dog adapt to their temporary home. Spend time hanging out with them at pit stops and when you’re in the passenger seat. Bring along their favorite toy and snacks to create the comfort of home.

You’ll also want to start off with small road trips and see how they take to that before venturing on multi-day vacations. Be prepared to bring along all the essentials for your vacation; dog bowls, leashes, collars, blankets, beds, and towels are some items to bring along.


Dangers of RV Travel with Pets

Traveling in an RV may be an entirely new experience for your dog; both you and your dog might not know what to expect. Take note of these dangers that may occur if you’re not too careful.

Depending on where you are traveling to, you may encounter high levels of heat. A day in the sun is always appreciated, but too much sun exposure can be fatal for your dog. Heatstroke, also known as heat exhaustion, is a condition in which body temperature is above the normal range. For dogs, this is 38 – 39°C (100.5 – 102.5°F).


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Dog heatstroke aftercare involves cooling methods, such as ice baths, to normalize body temperature and prevent organ failure. In severe cases, your dog may also need to be placed on a special diet to aid in a speedy recovery.

Another problem that travelers often encounter is the issue of where to leave their dog when heading out on solo adventures. Perhaps you’re in a pickle of wanting to explore a destination that doesn’t allow pets. Or you need to head out for some grocery shopping.

Did you know that it takes less than 30-minutes for an RV to reach unmanageable levels of heat that can cause distress? This is even true on cold days.

It can be dangerous leaving pets in an RV for long periods of time. While RV’s tend to have ample space for your dog to roam around, it’s always a good idea to monitor the temperature when they’re left alone. Investing in a Waggle Monitor is the safest way to keep an eye on your baby.


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Waggle Pet Monitor: Safely Monitor Your RV with Dogs when Traveling

As a dog owner, the last thing you want to do is put your pets in danger. But you can keep them safe and comfortable when you’re out and about – without having the worry of heatstroke or frostbite.

The Waggle RV pet monitors are built with Verizon 4G cellular data to keep track of temperatures and alert you about any concerning conditions. The fact that the monitor uses cellular data is perfect, as many RV’s might not have access to wifi.

To view the conditions within your RV, you can monitor the app – but in a dangerous situation, you’ll receive a text and email.

An added perk of monitoring the temperature and humidity of your RV allows you to assess how healthy the conditions are for your dog. In temperatures of 100°F with high humidity, a dog’s small sweat glands are compromised. This often leads to heat-related illnesses.


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Benefits of Waggle Monitor for RV Traveling with Dogs

It’s a sad reality that hundreds of dogs die or are affected by heatstroke every year when left in the car or RV. You’ll always have peace of mind knowing that your pooch won’t overheat when left in the car. 

  • Temperature will automatically update on your phone
  • There are periodic check-ins every 15 minutes – so concerning environments can be prevented early
  • Instant Alerts if temperatures or humidity crosses the threshold you set
  • Instant alert when your RV loses power or when the power is restored
  • Alerts can also be sent to friends and family for situations when you might not be near your pet


Features of Waggle RV Pet Monitor

No matter where you are venturing to, these are the reliable features that come with each Waggle:

  • Temperature monitor
  • Verizon 4G cellular data
  • GPS tracking
  • Instant alert
  • Rechargeable battery that lasts up to 4 days
  • USB powered


Where to Buy a Waggle for RV Living with Dogs

You can easily buy a Waggle from their online store. On top of the once-off payment, you’ll need to subscribe to their mobile app, which can be paid for annually, bi-annually and quarterly.

But guess what? Don’t Forget to Move readers can purchase the Waggle monitor online and receive a 40% discount when using this link. So worry less, and have peace of mind when you’re out and about on road trips or RV camping with dogs!


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Embarking on an RV Dog-Friendly Road Trip

RV pets get to experience all of your adventures with you, and it’s a chance for them to explore outside of their homes. They can meet new doggies, swim in secluded lakes, and go on hour-long hikes at the Grand Canyon while discovering surrounding areas.

As long as you take the right precautions, road tripping in an RV is a great way to include your pooch in your plans. Tools like Waggle help ease the worry when it comes to leaving your pup in the car. With temperature monitoring, you’ll be free to wander around, knowing that your dog is safe.

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