Flower Vendors Guatemala: Las Flores de Guatemala

Guatemala is a beautiful country full of rich cultural traditions and vibrant colors. While we were backpacking in Guatemala we were constantly amazed by the beautiful decorations, dress and flowers that were in every little town we passed. From small street markets in bustling cities, to tiny little village in the mountains. Everywhere we went in Guatemala we were amazed by the splashes of color in the streets.

Not only amazed by the colorful people, but also by the flowers. Here is a collection of photographs of flower vendors in Guatemala. The colorful flowers that line the markets here are just a small sample of the shades and hues that give vibrancy to this beautiful country.

Flower Vendors Guatemala

flower vendors Guatemala


flower vendors in Guatemala


colorful flowers in Guatemala


Guatemala markets and stalls


indigenous flower sellers in Guatemala


Travel Photography Reminder

As always, when taking photos of people while traveling, remember to exercise common courtesy and manners. Don’t be one of those tourists who sticks a camera in the face of a local and it thinks its ok. The indigenous Mayan population of Guatemala are particularly shy when it comes to having their photo taken. This is not to say all all, but we definitely encountered many experiences where timid locals would hide as soon as a came out of the bag. Ask first, snap later!

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