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At first glance, Phnom Penh can seem like a pretty depressing destination. Most travelers come to learn more about the atrocities committed by the Khmer Rouge, but there’s a lot more to the capital city than the S21 prison and the Killing Fields. In fact Phnom Penh represents a bright and prosperous future for Cambodia. With cultural attractions like museums and wats, as well as an impressive selection of cafes and restaurants, this city has plenty to offer. To host us during our time in Phnom Penh, we found an equally impressive place to stay in Envoy Hostel. Envoy is the perfect refuge from the chaotic life in the city. With immaculate rooms and spacious common areas, Envoy really does feel like home.


envoy hostel phnom penh review


Rooms & Facilities

Envoy just opened last year, so it’s pretty brand-spankin’ new. The staff do a great job of maintaining the hostel and it shows; the entire place is spotless. The bunk beds are big and comfy. Each bed has its own electric socket and shelf perfectly designed for charging electronics safely and privately. Every room is air-conditioned which you’ll definitely appreciate in the heat of Phnom Penh. There is also a small light attached to each bed so you can read at night without disturbing your neighbors. Little details like these show you the owners of Envoy hostel have really given thought to the needs of travelers.

The rooms and bathrooms are all clean and spacious, but our favorite part of the hostel was downstairs. In our two months of travel in Southeast Asia we had yet to come across a hostel with a decent… kitchen!! Yes! We were so excited to see such a clean and well equipped kitchen. While traveling through Latin America, Jules and I cooked most our meals, but in Asia it’s rare to find a hostel with a working kitchen. Envoy Hostel provides free breakfast to its guest, but all of our lunch and dinners were cooked there. Pro tip: There are two organic grocers around the corner with beautiful fresh produce and little treats imported from overseas if you’re looking to splurge.


envoy hostel phnom penh review



Envoy Hostel is central to everything you need in town. It’s located in the BKK1 district, an upscale, quiet neighborhood; we couldn’t have felt any safer. Just around the corner is a main road that can connect you to pretty much wherever you want to go. We recommend renting a motorbike, it’s such an easy way to see the city. S21 prison is just a 20-minute walk from the hostel. Just a short moto ride away is a super hip area of town with cool bars and hipster cafes. You can definitely see the expat influence around this area.


envoy hostel phnom penh review


Value For Money

At $8 for an air-conditioned 8 bed dorm with shared bathroom, the prices are pretty standard, if not a little on the pricey side. But rest assured you won’t be paying for a grungy hostel bed in a sweatbox of a dorm. This hostel is top of the line. In all our years of traveling, Envoy rates as one of the cleanest and nicely decorated hostels we’ve stayed at. It’s spacious, but has a cozy, homely feel to it. And we definitely saved money with the free breakfast and by cooking our meals. The kitchen alone was worth the price! Overall it ended up working out the same as staying at a cheap place where you have to eat out every night.


envoy hostel phnom penh review


Traveler Vibes

Envoy Hostel is still pretty new so it’s not quite on the backpacker radar yet. If you’re looking for a party spot, this isn’t it. But the hostel does have an impressive amount of common space. Downstairs the lounge room is spacious and has a huge TV perfect for laxing out after a big day of sightseeing. The rooftop is nicely decorated with tables and chairs and a nice view of the city. The free breakfast provides a good opportunity to meet other travelers to spend the day exploring with. As word gets out about this awesome hostel, we can definitely see it becoming a fixture on the Southeast Asia backpacker trail. It’s the perfect spot to recharge your batteries in a clean, cozy spot at a great price!


envoy hostel phnom penh review


Don’t Forget To Move would like to thank everybody at Envoy Hostel for such a nice stay while we were in Phnom Penh. You can book your night here, tell ’em we sent ya!

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