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When you first stop off out the front of the Eco Hostel Phuket (that’s if your driver can find the location based off Google Maps), you’ll be surprised that this hostel can fit as many beds as they claim. Nestled between two high rise shops, Eco Hostel Phuklet has definitely utilized the limited space provided to offer a great accommodation for backpackers arriving in Phuket Town. Our first impression of the Eco Hostel Phuket was a nice clean cut and stylized hostel, with a refreshingly unique theme of environmental consciousness.


eco hostel phuket


Rooms and Facilities

There’s a lot to offer at the Eco Hostel Phuket, Thailand, from tucked away privates on the top floor, to tightly packed in dorms on the second and third floor. Prices start at 320 for the cheapest dorm option, and 360 for a little space upgrade. There are two privates, one at 1200 that sleeps 3, and another at 1750 for a super stylish 4 sleeper with a private toilet.

Both the privates and dorms have A/C that runs all day long, which is a nice touch when you arrive from the redeye flight and want to have a little afternoon nap without the sweltering heat.

Wi-fi is solid throughout the hostel, with separate routers at each level to ensure a strong signal. There’s also a shared bathroom on each level, with complimentary shampoo, soap, hot water (not that you’ll need it) and a hair dryer.

On the bottom level there’s a really nice cafe that serves up all kinds of delicious food, from sandwiches and breakfast, to fruit shakes and organic coffee. Kick back in the air conditioned cafe, enjoy a iced tea with solid wi-fi and take a break before hitting the hot streets of Phuket Town.


eco hostel phuket



This hostel is a little tucked away from the main hustle and bustle of Phuket Town, but in saying that it’s still only a 10min walk to the center of activity. Phang-nga Rd, where the hostel is located, is a pretty useful hub of restaurants, bars and other hostels as well. Within a couple of minutes walk you can find scooter rentals at 200-250 baht a day (depending on your negotiation skills) and the main bus station behind 7-11, if you don’t fancy yourself riding a bike among the crazy Thai traffic.

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eco hostel phuket


Traveler Vibe

If you’re looking for your own space, or a place to wind down then this is the place for you in Phuket Town. We found our two nights stay at Eco Hostel Phuket pretty chilled, which was a nice way to start off our trip. If you’re traveling alone and looking to meet people one thing that is missing is a centrally located common space within the hostel. Unless you’re rooming with someone its a little hard to meet people because of how spread out everyone is among the floors.

In saying that, it’s always possible to meet people on the road if you put yourself out there, but some hostels definitely make it easier depending on the set up and social events they put on.


eco hostel phuket


Value For Money

The prices are fairly average for the area, but few are this immaculately clean. Our private for the first night was beautiful and felt more like a boutique hotel room than a hostel. If you’re looking for a hostel to relax from the exhausting tourist trail and have a good night sleep, this is perfect. Even if you’re on on a super tight budget, it’s worth the small splurge to feel comfortable and at home. We were very happy to be able to crash in our room at Eco Hostel after a long day of traveling.


eco hostel phuket


A big thanks to Eco Hostel for hosting us during our stay and for providing us with a great welcome to our Southeast Asia adventure! As always, our thoughts and opinions are our own!

Heading to Phuket? Book a couple nights with Eco Hostel and enjoy this comfortable haven in the city!

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