7 Pro Tips for An Awesome Coachella

It’s that time of year again. Coachella season is upon us. This is a bittersweet time of the year for me, because I get so excited about the Coachella buzz that infiltrates the Internet in the form of awesome new music. But at the same time I’m pretty bummed, because just like last year and the year before, I won’t be making it down to Indio this April. As this is my third year out of the country I’ve gotten pretty used to missing out on the fest, but for my first couple of Coachella-less years I literally broke down in sporadic tears thinking of all my friends soaking up the sun on the Polo Grounds. That might seem a little extreme for some people (especially those that haven’t gotten to experience a Coachella) but let me paint a picture for you.

The Coachella experience begins (for me at least) long before that fated weekend in April. It starts months before, receiving my wristband in the mail and the special day (not unlike Christmas) when you turn on your computer and there it is, the Coachella lineup. A smorgasbord of  some of the world’s best bands and DJs. From the headliners with those songs that you know every word to, down to the itty bitty opening bands that you can’t wait to discover. Enough variety to satisfy every musical palate.

coachella tips 2014

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Then comes the actual weekend. Piling into the car for the the long drive down, honking at other cars with “carpoolchella” scribbled all over them. Finally arriving at the grounds and entering the festival, knowing you have a full weekend ahead of you is probably the best feeling. Seeing everyone’s crazy festival outfits, laughing at the girls wearing boots and fur on a 100 degree day. Laying in the grass, planning out your schedule, drinking overpriced beer, it’s all part of the fun. Lazing away the afternoon until the sun sets over the gorgeous desert sky and the party begins.

Okay, so maybe I miss Coachella a little. If you are lucky enough to be an owner of a Coachella wristband, listen up. Here’s my tips for having the best Coachella possible:

coachella tips 2014

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 1)   Don’t Miss the Small Bands

The good news: The Coachella lineup is so chock full of amazing bands. The bad news: You’ve probably haven’t heard of all of them. Or maybe you have? If you do your research before the festival you have a chance to catch some seriously awesome bands without the ridiculous crowds.  We saw Ellie Goulding one lazy afternoon at one of the side tents with a small, chill crowd. Something tells me that won’t be happening this year.

2)   Get There Early

Gates open at 11am each day so to maximize your Coachella time, get in early. Security lines can be long, especially on the first day, so plan on a bit of a wait. Driving into the fest and parking can be an absolute shit show, so consider shuttling in if you’re staying at a nearby hotel.

It can be tempting to sleep in, especially after a night of partying, but try make an early move. The earlier you get there, the more bands you can squeeze in and the more awesome music you’ll hear, and that what its really about, isn’t it? Besides, you can always take a nap in the grass.

coachella tips 2014

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3 & 4) Sunscreen & Toilet Paper. Bring Them!

5) Coachella App

Hurray! We can finally ditch those little paper schedules that end up ripped and wet. They didn’t actually have this app when I went to Coachella, but I will definitely be taking advantage of this next time. The app includes a comprehensive festival map and allows you to make a personalized schedule with alert reminders so you don’t miss your favorite bands.

coachella tips 2014

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6) Layers

Coachella is in the middle of Palm Desert, so prepare for desert weather. The days can get hot and although you won’t get away with running around naked (who can forget the naked wizard?), you can pretty much wear anything you want. Bring layers because it does cool down at night. The weather can be unpredictable with occasional rain and sandstorms, but normally the days are summery and the nights just a bit chilly. Throw some extra layers in your bag and you can always stuff them in the super handy lockers they have on site.

 7) Water

Bring a reusable water bottle or buy a plastic bottle for $2 at the venue. Then enjoy liters and liters of free water! Yay! Refill at one of the hydration stations. These change a bit every year, but are usually fairly organized.

So follow these tips and have one of the best weekends of the whole year. Talk to strangers, enjoy the music and live it up cause it’s f@*king Coachella baby!!

11 thoughts on “7 Pro Tips for An Awesome Coachella”

  1. I absolutely love tip 4 and that there’s nothing more to say. Just don’t forget toilet paper!
    I have never been to a music festival which is interesting because I love music. Maybe it’s because I’m not a fan of crowds. Guess I’d be the one camped out early to watch the small bands since you said those are less crowded.
    Fun post!

  2. So funny I just saw my friend’s pics at coachella then I came onto your post. I haven’t been, always tried but didn’t work out and I’ve heard so many great things about it besides the funky weird outfits celebrities wear haha. Great tips for newbies, I heard it gets freaking hot out there!


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