5 Marketable Blogging Skills To Put On Your Resume

Blogs. Nowadays it seems like everyone has one. Whether you’re looking to go pro or just blogging to keep your friends and family up to date on your life, blogging has become the way to express ourselves in this age of ubiquitous technology. At times it can be a frustrating process considering the sheer number of blogs out in the inter webs. Sometimes it can feel like those hours slaving away over the computer after work or on the weekends is a waste of time. Maybe your stats aren’t reflecting all the hard work you’ve been putting in or it seems like your blog is being drowned out by the saturation of your niche.

But! There is a silver lining. Even if your page views have been stagnant or your social media presence just doesn’t seem to expand, you are still honing valuable skills that will be applicable to other areas of life. All of those hours you’re devoting to improve your blog are refining these skills that can be used on future projects or to appeal to future employers.

One of the best selling points about blogging is the idea that you’ve created something out of absolutely nothing. You’ve committed to a personal project, developed those skills on your own and devoted your personal time to growing this project. That’s pretty damn cool, right? Not only does this show dedication, creativity and passion for a specific niche, but you’re bound to develop some super useful skills along the way.

Here are 5 marketable blogging skills to put on your resume:

1. Photoshop

What’s a blog without good photos these days? Unless you have adequate pictures to accompany your written content, you better kiss your readers goodbye. Learning photo editing is a super useful skill to have. Not only to improve the quality of your blog photos, but also to learn all those little tricks like text overlays, filters and creating images for you banner and sidebar. If you’re going into a creative career, knowledge of design programs like Photoshop is a must have. And even if you’re not, adding photo editing skills to your resume is a handy skill to boost you ahead of the competition.


2. Web design

These days everyone has a website. Even if you’re not planning on going into programming or a career in tech, having at least a basic knowledge of web design is definitely a plus. You don’t need to be a back-end development wizard creating code for your whole blog. Just knowing your way around WordPress or a similar platform will show employers that you’re tech savvy.

3. Writing

This is a skill that is used in just about any profession. Whether you’re pursuing a career writing copy in advertising or simply drafting company emails, written communication is crucial. Even if you think your writing is crummy, over time continuing to create content for you blog will inevitably improve it. Whether you’re blogging about “light” topics like beauty and fashion or getting into meaty political opinion pieces, writing for your blog will help develop your personal voice and style. If practice makes perfect then creating post after post will strengthen your writing skills. The bonus is that because you’re writing about something you feel passionate about (hopefully!), your practice will feel less like work and more like honest expression.


4. Social Media

Social media is another attention-grabbing skill to throw on your resume. Every blogger knows that half the time you spend blogging is really on social media (one quarter is content creation and the other quarter is staring at your Google Analytics for hours). No matter what industry you’re in, social media is king. Getting your company/brand/organization out into the world requires some serious social media skills. Without realizing it, your blog will teach you tips like which times are best to post on Twitter, how large an image should be for Pinterest and how to maximize your reach on Facebook. Those little pointers you pick up almost subconsciously all contribute to social media skills that employers now love.

5. Branding + Marketing

Now that everyone and their mother has a blog, it’s crucial to strategically decide how you’re going to stand out. This requires actually sitting down and deciding who you are as a blogger and what makes you different. Creating a unique brand can push your blog ahead of the game, so deciding what themes, colors, fonts, etc. are part of your vision is critical. Being able to think creatively about developing a brand and then creating a marketing strategy for that brand is a skill that will set you apart in the job market. To an employer these skills translate to the ability to fully grasp who a company is and how to show that to the world.

What blogging skills have you developed that could be used on your resume? Drop us a comment below or find us on Facebook and Twitter!

6 thoughts on “5 Marketable Blogging Skills To Put On Your Resume”

  1. Hey Christine, Those are really important skills needed to promote a blog right now. Having a good social media profile and having essential photos in your blog are gonna impress readers. A successful blog can also be added in your resume if you are in need of a job.This will let your employer know about your skills too. Thanks!

  2. Photoshop and Web Design are really good skills to add to your resume. They even have importance in the ever-growing IT field. Great list perfectly explained. 🙂

  3. Great!!! I am dealing right now about if and how to include my blog on a resume and this post helped a lot. Thank you for sharing!!!

  4. Searched for “whether to put blog experience on Resume” and ended up here, glad to find all your points are valid. More than the content, I really liked your short “author bio” which says bad with directions as me too bad with routes.


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