Welcome To Paradise: Backpacking Corn Islands

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Yay! Got another video for y’all! This one is from our time backpacking Corn Islands, Nicaragua. We cannot stress how absolutely idyllic these islands were, especially Little Corn. And not in that, “OMG I’m a travel blogger so I have to say that every place is amaaaazing,” way. Seriously guys. You all need to stop what you’re doing and buy a plane ticket to Nicaragua now. We ended up staying for two weeks on Little Corn alone. We spent our days laying on stunning beaches, knocking ripe coconuts from the trees and stuffing ourselves with freshly baked coconut bread. One night we came across a giant sea turtle laying eggs during our beach bonfire… On second thought.. never mind. We want to keep paradise to ourselves!

If you’re unable to watch the video for whatever reason, please let us know!

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  1. I got really inspired to visit the Corn Islands after a post you guys did a while ago. Booked a ticket to Hawaii in March then heading to Central America – we’ll probably stay at least a couple of weeks on Little Corn, after travelling in Europe in the winter it’s going to be great to be at the beach again!


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