Jules and Christine: Who We Are

As a traveling couple, we’re a dynamic duo, but as individuals we’re also pretty awesome. Each with our own strengths, weaknesses and passions. Here’s a quick breakdown of who we are and how we got ourselves into this….



Christine, 27, San Francisco, California

Animal lover, wannabe artist and peanut butter fiend with a serious allergy to a 9 to 5. On the other hand: undyingly messy, chronic blanket hog and so bad with directions I can get lost going to the corner store.

After spending a couple years after college frantically trying to figure out “what to do with my life” I decided to say screw it and bought a one ticket to Mexico. A bundle full of nerves, I stepped off the plane in a new country, completely alone and began an adventure that’s still going to this day. I love that travel puts me out of my comfort zone and since my first trip have vowed to say YES to everything that comes my way (except carne, that is, 8 year vegetarian here!)

I enjoy photographing my journey, but have to remind myself to put down the lens to experience the moment. I love playing impromptu games of tag with kids on the street and kicking back with a beer, sharing a laugh with friendly locals.




Jules, 29, Melbourne, Australia

Sports mad, keen surfer, high school teacher, little sense of self embarrassment and indefinite wanderer. On the flipside: grumpy when hungry, fidgety when tired and no tolerance for people pushing onto public transport before others get out.

For the last 8 years all of my possessions have been able to fit into a backpack, and in between completing university qualifications and working for a few years in education, I’ve been on the road searching for the ultimate travel experience. Part adventure, part life learning and a full dose of cultural integration is what I’m all about.

In the last few years I’ve found a real passion for international development and have been volunteering my time with various non-profits across Latin America. My Spanish is getting pretty decent, and when I’m not surfing secluded beach breaks or hiking volcanoes, I like to find interesting people to sit with and listen to their stories. In my down time I like to work on my photography, read the classics and find random games of street soccer to join in with. Come and find me on Google+.


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