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Looking for information not on the site? Consider scheduling a consultation via Skype. We love receiving and answering questions from our readers, but unfortunately do not have the time to thoughtfully respond to each specific inquiry. We’ve started our travel consultations to give adequate time and energy to all your important questions.You’ll receive a one-on-two Skype with both Jules and Christine to answer any questions, ease any nerves or just chat about travel! You’ll also receive a personal follow-up email with any additional questions you might have.

Shoot us an email to schedule a personal consultation at Our rate is $15/ 15 mins and $25/ 30 minutes.

We’d love to work with:

*Backpacking newbies who want to know the nitty-gritty of life on the road from a couple of vets

*Travelers in or heading to Latin America who would like help creating an itinerary or planning for that region- we know it like the back of our hands!

*People who are working full time but dying to travel who want to create a plan for saving money and starting their trip!

*Beginning travel bloggers who would like advice on starting their blog or taking it to the next level

*Anyone else who may have specific questions or just want to chat about travel in general

Email us today at!

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