The Authentic Cuba Travel Guide


Cuba is as incredible country, but let’s be real, it’s not an easy place to travel to.

Researching Cuba can be confusing and a lot of information you find online is outdated or just plain wrong.

The last thing you want is to miss out on experiencing the REAL Cuba because you weren’t prepared.

We’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen. 

The Authentic Cuba Travel Guide Will Teach You…

•How to Obtain The Correct Tourist Visa

• How to Travel To Cuba Legally as a US Citizen or from the US 

• How to Stay Safe in Cuba and Avoid Getting Scammed

• How to Budget for Cuba: Budget, Midrange and High-End

• Tips for Traveling as a Couple, Solo Female and Solo Male

• The Absolute Must See and Do Authentic Cuba Experiences

• What to Do If You Get Sick (And My Dengue Fever Story!)

• How to Find the Best and Most Reliable Internet

• Food, Accommodation, Transport and Much More!

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When we first went to Cuba (way back in 2013), there was very little information available.

We traveled to Cuba without a clue of where to stay and what to do.

And it was hard.

We put in the leg work (literally) to sort the real authentic experiences from what the government wants you to see.

When we went back in April 2016 we were determined to research, investigate and write the best Cuba travel guide for everyone wanting to experience Cuba authentically. Now we’re sharing it all with you 🙂

Now Available For Purchase on Kindle, Paperback, Smartphone and Tablet!

Amazon Kindle ($7.95USD) and Paperback Edition ($13.95USD)

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With over 100 pages, this travel guide will ensure you don’t miss out on seeing the REAL Cuba. We give you all the secrets we’ve learned from traveling, so you can worry less about planning and more about enjoying your trip!


Dying to see Cuba before it changes? We’ll show you where to go to avoid the hordes of tourists that are coming to Cuba in droves.

Want to save money without having to miss out on anything? We’ll teach you how to get the best deals on food, accommodation and transportation.

Dreaming of visiting local Cuban hangouts, while the other travelers are crowded into the same gimmicky tourist traps? Learn how to find authentic experiences that most tourists miss out on.

No matter your budget we’ll help you get the most value for your money, so you can save money and spend that extra cash on what really matters… Havana Club rum!

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Still not convinced that this book will save you hundreds? Want more awesome authentic Cuba travel resources?

Buy now and we’ll include The Authentic Havana Walking Guide!


The Authentic Havana Walking Guide

In this comprehensive walking guide of Havana we show you all our personal favorite locations. From the best street pizzas and internet spots, to rowdy games of checkers and lively local culture. All laid out in a free printable map of the city.

Amazon Kindle ($7.95USD) and Paperback Edition ($13.95USD)

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PDF for Mobile, Smartphone and Computer

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