Our Top Picks for San Francisco Summer Events 2014

You guys!! It is officially summer in the Bay Area and I am actually here to enjoy it! For the first time in 3 years, I will be in the area during summer for longer than 2 weeks. Truth be told, this is a bittersweet feeling, as it means I’m away from Jules for 2 long months. He is my best friend and (stealing his words) partner in crime for adventures, nights out and even movie nights in. Even surrounded by my amazing family & friends, being without him is lonely.

But one thing I am not missing about Australia is the weather! I escaped just as winter was coming (insert GoT joke here). And by winter I don’t mean snowy, shovel the driveway winter. I mean “OMG why can’t I wear my flip flops today?!” cold. Yes, I am a wimpy California girl. DEAL WITH IT.

So if I do have to be torn away from my beloved, at least it’s during my absolute favorite season. I’ve rounded up some of the best events in the area that you can’t miss this summer.

So grab your layers people (it’s still San Francisco, after all) and let’s get the season started!


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1) Pride

Dust off all your rainbow clothing and accessories ladies and gentlemen because LGBT Pride is this weekend! The parade starts at 10:30 am on Sunday and will continue (romp? revel?) down Market Street to City Hall. All day Saturday & Sunday the Civic Center will be chocker-block full of musical acts, performers, speakers and some big personalities. But the party doesn’t stop there. All over San Francisco, Pride events will be hosted throughout the weekend and you can bet the streets between Market & Dolores Park will be brimming with bears, fairies and everyone in between.

Go for: a chance to show your pride & love for the beautiful San Francisco LGBT community and the equality movement in general.
Stay for: guaranteed sightings of buff men in hot pants covered in glitter.


2) Outside Lands

There’s nothing better than having a kick-ass music festival in your own backyard. And when you live in San Francisco, Golden Gate Park is basically your very large backyard that you happen to share with a few hundred thousand people. It’s also home to Outside Lands, a 3-day fest in the middle of August. OSL has something for everyone- hipster indie, the obligatory EDM, funky hip-hop & talented local bands. The producers have done a lot to green up the festival with last year’s featuring a recycling center and even a stage completely run by alternative & solar power. Doesn’t get more San Francisco than that!

Go for: the amazing lineup. Kanye, Tom Petty, Flaming Lips and sooo many more.
Stay for: the best festival food you’ll probably ever have. Dozens of SF restaurants will be serving up food for a taste of local deliciousness. There’s also designated beer & wine tents for quality beverage.

The festival is sold out, but scour Craigslist and you’re bound to find something.


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3) SF Street Food Fest

Speaking of food, you can’t miss the San Francisco Street Food Fest on August 16th. This event is hosted by La Cocina, a nonprofit that supports local immigrant entrepreneurs launch food businesses. Sample the best food the Mission has to offer, from delicious vegan grub to bacon wrapped hotdogs. Bust out the stretchy pants because it’s gonna be a ripper.

Go for: the food. Duh. Also because this will be the last year for the festival 🙁
Stay for: the chance to learn more about a legit local organization and to support the small businesses that keep the Mission so vibrant.


4) Giants Baseball Game

Whether you’re a die-hard fan, or just a fan of anywhere you can drink beer all afternoon without judgment, the summer isn’t complete without a trip to AT&T park. Hit up Stubhub to score some last minute deals and treat yourself to some lower level seats. Check the calendar for fun themes like Bobblehead night or the Giants Slumber Party.

Go for: the chance at watching a once-in-a-lifetime game like a Lincecum no-hitter. Or just a cracking win.
Stay for: all the sweet extras at the park. Check out the new 4,000 square foot edible garden, which will be growing delicious fresh produce for the concession stands. Yum.


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5 thoughts on “Our Top Picks for San Francisco Summer Events 2014”

  1. Awesome post! There is definately not a shortage of fun things to do in San Francisco. So glad you’re here enjoying time with family & friends Christine but I can imagine how much you miss Jules! Absence truly does make the heart grow fonder. 🙂

  2. Looks like so much fun! San Fran is on my list of places to visit…must go there! Pride festivities are happening in Toronto this weekend – it’s a HUGE event here! Unfortunately I have to work all weekend!

  3. Never viewed San Fransisco from this perspective. Looks like SanFran people really know to enjoy their summer. Good compilation of some really cool events!

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