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Gallery: Surfing La Punta Mexico

While I love surfing, sometimes I’ve got to know my limits. And as 12ft walls come surging towards coast I decided it was one of those times.  Instead I popped the board away for an afternoon and took up a spot on the rocks to snap some pics of an epic swell that rolled through La Punta, Mexico.

When it’s not charging like a madman, La Punta is a pretty awesome spot to catch a wave. Just down the beach is the Mexican pipeline of Zicatela beach (which when pumping should only be for the experienced surfer), but chances are you’ll still grab a nice left at La Punta point if you can beat the locals. 

Where and How to Get There?

La Punta is located on the Pacific coast in the state of Oaxaca. If you’re budget backpacking like us, then you’ll bus it from either Mexico City or the south in Chiapas. Either way it’s a decent bus trip of 8-10 hours. But don’t let that put you off. Surfing La Punta Mexico is one spot not to miss!

Once you’ve made it to La Punta you’ll be glad you made the trip. This funky little beach town has all the makings of a summer surf retreat. Quiet beaches, beautiful sunsets, friendly locals and just enough expat/traveler life to keep you from getting bored. There’s only a couple of main streets, but each has enough bars, restaurants and hostels to keep this sleepy beach town interesting.

And if you do get bored and want to spread your wings, the vibrant coastal town of Puerto Escondido is a short moto ride away, or an even nicer half hour beach walk away.

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