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SunGod Sunglasses Review: For Adventure Travel

SunGod Sunglasses Review

Very rarely will you find a pair of reliable action sunglasses that you can really trust while traveling the world or taking on crazy adventure sports. Sure, those fancy sunglasses might look great in all the selfies you’re taking, but give them a little wear and tear and before you know it you’ve got popped lenses and cracked frames. Believe us, we know. We’ve been down that road too many times, often opting for the same cheap Ray Ban knock offs that you find littered around the world. Honestly if we weighed up how much we’ve spent on cheap sunglasses over the last 5 years of travel we really should have just invested in a decent pair to begin with.

Not only are cheap sunglasses terrible value, but there’s also some scary stories about fake sunglasses UV protection, or lack of, and the damages it can do to your eyes. Many of the street vendors flogging knockoff sunglasses will try to tell you the lenses are UV or ‘polarized’, but really they just use a clever shade to disguise tinted plastic or glass. Tinted lenses tell our eyes it’s dark and open up your retinas, letting in UV rans that aren’t protected from the lenses, which ends up giving you sun damage.

So with UV protection, durability and longevity in mind we set out to find some quality travel sunglasses that weren’t going to pack it in at the first sign of adventure. Thankfully we found those very sunglasses in SunGod, the best action sunglasses for travel. They’re tough, stylish and have a warranty that you won’t beat!



Fully Customizable Sunglasses For Your Style

Ok before we talk about SunGod’s amazing durability let’s look at all of the awesome designs that you can build with SugGod customizable sunglasses. To begin with there are a couple of choices for design. You can go the Classic blues brother type design, or look sleek with an aviator style called the Maverick.

Each design of sunglasses also has three customizable parts. For the Classics you can choose the lenses, the arms and the front frame. For the Mavericks choose between lenses, frame and tips. Match those choices with a dozen odd options for colors and lens tints and you start to discover a lot of awesome combinations to build. Their website has a really sweet sunglass builder feature that lets you make changes on the spot and see what your new shades are going to look like.

When picking out a couple of pairs recently the hardest part was choosing what combination to go for. I kept changing my mind and swapping up my styles, switching between the different colors and lens tints, attempting to find my perfect match. Eventually I settled on some classy, yet adventurous shades that haven’t left my side.



Best Unbreakable Sunglasses for Travel

We’ve talked style, but now let’s have a look at the real talking point of SunGod adventure sunglasses. If you’re looking for some strong sunglasses then SunGod have what it takes for all kinds of adventure activities. From skiing and snowboarding, to rock climbing and white water rafting… or maybe just relaxing on a beautiful island!

Flexible frame material makes the sunglasses super tough, but also light and comfortable to wear. After wearing them all day you’ll barely notice them on your face anymore: they’re that comfortable! Durable frames also mean you can bend and twist them without snapping the arms, so you’ll be safe if you happen to take a fall next time your shredding the slopes. All lenses are impact resistance, with triple-layer scratch resistant coating, as well as offering top shelf 100% UVA and UVB. There’s also an optional polarized option for those seeking enhanced optical clarity and glare reduction.

As well as traditional sunglass, SunGod have also recently released new sunglass goggles for snowboarding and skiing, which are wicked. We haven’t had the chance to road test them (not too much snow in Southeast Asia), but are keen to grab a hold of pair for some slopes in Tahoe over the winter.



Amazing Warranty Service

So, think it doesn’t get any better than customizable unbreakable sunnies? Let’s talk lifetime warranty. SunGod are so confident in their durability and design that they’re offering a lifetime warranty of all SunGod Classic sunglasses that cover manufacturer defects and accidental breakage (one year for the Mavericks).

Now obviously if your new puppy gets a hold of them, or you happen to drop them in the path of a steamroller, that’s a different story: but generally speaking, if your frames break, SunGod will replace your sunglasses free of charge. Anywhere in the world! Not only will you travel in style, but also with the confidence of some seriously strong sunglasses backed up by an even stronger warranty policy that supports your adventurous lifestyle.



Final Review

If you’re on the hunt for some quality sunglasses for sports or travel then you can’t go past SunGod. We’ve been absolutely loving our shades and have given them some solid testing while trekking through the countryside of northern Thailand, white water rafting and zooming through the hectic streets of Bangkok. I’ve even accidentally sat down with them in my back pocket. Thankfully I haven’t had to put that warranty to the test. They’re so good, they’re even elephant proof!



SunGod ships globally using Royal Mail and have a tracking code for you to watch your order. They’re dispatched on the same day as you order and will make it to you within a week. Which means, what are you waiting for? For more info on SunGod sunglasses, their designs and their incredible warranty you can check out their website.


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