Friday Faces: Shopkeeper of San Salvador


Our aim for Friday Faces is to present not just a portrait, but the story behind the photo as well. But because of the nature of traveling, we don’t always get a full story or even a name. This portrait is one that Jules snapped while we went for a photo day in a market in El Salvador’s capital city. When we asked to take her photo, she became shy and quickly grabbed her niece to be in the photo with her. After we stopped and chatted with her for a moment though, she opened up and agreed to be shot alone. Her nervous smile faded and instead we captured a moment of seriousness. A straightforward photo of her day to day life as a proud shop owner.


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2 thoughts on “Friday Faces: Shopkeeper of San Salvador”

  1. It is still a pretty good photo of her! I guess she looks completely different when she smiles but it´s always that easy to make people smile for your photos

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