FloWer Beach Resort, Anda: Our Personal Paradise

The drive to Anda Beach is just like any unassuming Filipino small town road. Except for the regular signs directing you to beach-side resorts and the occasional glimpse of bright turquoise water between the trees, you wouldn’t know what a spectacular coast line awaits just a couple kilometers away. After a broken side mirror on our motorbike and a couple hour drive in the unrelenting midday sun, Jules and I were begging for some beach time, cue: FloWer Beach Resort, Anda.



FloWer Beach does an excellent job of preserving the authentic Filipino landscape and combining it with resort luxuries. Forget the cookie cutter resorts you might find in Boracay or Cancun, where you might as well be back in your home country. At FloWer Beach you’ll get a true taste of the Philippines. You won’t find perfectly manicured lawns, but this adds to the resort’s rustic charm. Instead you’ll find natural beauty at its best. As we entered through the stone path, our first view was of the huge infinity pool, with an adjoining smaller pool for kids. We’ve swam in our fair share of pools, but this one is a knock-out. The pool is even deep enough for beginning Scuba lessons. Lounge chairs surround the perimeter for lazy sun-baking afternoons and if you swim up to the pool’s infinity edge you can find an a view of the resort’s private beach, obstructed only by the swaying of palm trees.

At the feet of the resort lies one of the most beautiful beaches we’ve seen in the Philippines. As the Lonely Planet has described it, this “small but luxurious” strip of white sand is FloWer Beach’s highlight. So bright that I had to immediately put on my shades, the sand is incredibly soft, it felt like silk running through our fingers. That sounds like a travel blogger cliché. It isn’t. See for yourself and report back.

On a sunny day the water lapping up at the shore is a brilliant clear blue. Calm and perfect for swimming, snorkeling here provides glimpses of the Philippines famous blue starfish, although we were told the best snorkeling is a bit further from this area. Palapa umbrellas line the back of the beach and lounge chairs with swim towels are provided for guests. The beach bar sells drinks in the high season and the area has a Wi-Fi connection, although the only reason you should be using it is to post photos that make your friends back home jealous, then put away your devices and enjoy the spectacular view!

Just around the bend past the rooms closest to the beach is another route to the beach. Hanging over the water sits an idyllic hut that would make a Travel + Leisure magazine editor swoon. Rooms are simple, made out of indigenous materials, which make them look natural in the lush landscape. Deluxe rooms are located in the back and have electric hot water showers and air conditioning. We stayed in a standard room overlooking the beach, which we definitely recommend. I don’t think we’ve ever stayed this close to the ocean. There’s no air conditioning in the standards, but the cool breeze coming off the coast is enough to keep the room fresh. All rooms have a private bathroom and the resort provides nice touches like an electric kettle with complimentary instant coffee, creamer and sugar. Outside the room was a little patio with chairs, perfect for enjoying a morning coffee and digging into a good book, if you can keep your eyes off the view long enough to read anything.

The resort has a restaurant on-site that serves delicious big portions of Filipino food, with a few Western options on the menu as well. Other services include a dive shop, a private boat for island hopping and transportation available for tours to nearby sights like the Chocolate Hills.

One thing that kept popping up in reviews we read before coming to FloWer Beach was how absolutely lovely the staff is. The resort is owned by a very friendly German/ Filipino husband and wife team, Werner and Flo (hence the name FloWer Beach). Werner is known for meeting guests at the restaurant and exchanging stories over a few drinks. Unfortunately while we were there he had recently broken his foot, but he still made sure we were greeted with drinks of local spirits at our first dinner. He also chatted with us about his development of the resort and all of the incredible highlights Bohol has to offer.

Werner and Flo do amazing work at the local Florence Technical College, which they founded in 2013. This college provides technical education to local youth in areas like technology and tourism. The couple employs students studying tourism and hospitality as staff at the resort to give them real world experience. At Don’t Forget To Move, we love to see local business owners giving back to the community in a very tangible and sustainable way. It’s clear Flo and Werner care about the livelihoods of those in the area, and this is just one more reason to visit the lovely FloWer Beach Resort, Anda.

Thanks to Werner, Flo and the staff at FloWer Beach for hosting us during our lovely stay! As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own. If you’d like to visit FloWer Beach Resort, Anda you can check them out on their website! 

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