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Style Your Way Around the World: El Camino Bracelets Review


A massive thanks to Tom and Candace at El Camino for collaborating with us on this fantastic review. Not only were we lucky enough to receive our very own El Camino bracelet, but we’re also giving a bracelet away to one lucky reader. Read on for more info!



The El Camino Story

If you’re a traveller who just loves to collect travel souvenirs, then we’ve got the perfect item for you! Think charm bracelet, meets travel memories, meets elegance and you’ve got this stylish and customizable bracelet from El Camino. These bracelets not only offer a personal and unique touch to your travel memories, but the product itself is of high quality and they look amazing.


Created by travellers, for travellers, Tom and Candace’s incredible concept first came about after long nights couped up in their tent, as they hiked, camped and roughed their way through Spain. Free from technology, it gave the pair plenty of time to tap into their creative sources and start drafting the initial idea. Originally just a really awesome way to showcase and document their travel memories, El Camino burst onto the scene as a popular product this year for travelers, whether you’re a hardcore veteran or have just come back from a short vacation.



The concept is simple, yet brilliant. Instead of dangly mismatched charms, you get high quality stainless steel beads that are engraved by hand. Customize each bead to show off where you’ve travelled, be it a city, country or whole region. Add them to a durable and beautifully woven bracelet, then space them out with oak or mahogany beads and you’ve got the perfect memento of your travels.

Choosing Your Bracelet

Here comes the difficult part; deciding how you’re going to customize your bracelet. With so many choices it makes for a hard decision, but we managed to narrow it down in the end. For us the Starter Package was the perfect way to kick off our first bracelet, giving us a great base to build on in the future. The package includes band, charms and spacers all in one, for a very reasonable price.

First step is to choose a band. There are 7 beautiful colors to decide from, each hand woven; with a premium grade stainless steal clasp and they’re tough enough to keep up with even the most rugged of travelers.



Once you’ve got your bracelet it’s time to build it up. Choose your steps (charms) from either country, city or other travel location. All the countries in the world are there, with some of your favorite cities and spots around the world represented as well. And if there’s anything missing, opt for a custom step and get it personally engraved with up to 32 characters. As a nice personal touch we received our very own Don’t Forget To Move step as a surprise from El Camino. Very cool!



If you can’t decide between countries, why not collect whole regions? There’s 12 colorfully crafted and engraved glass steps to choose from that symbolize every corner of the globe.

Piece it all together on your bracelet and stylize it with oak or mahogany spacers to separate your steps. The shiny silver, glistening glass and earthy wood make for a unique combination of colors and textures.

Christine’s El Camino Bracelet

Turquoise single band
Central America region step (our favorite travel area so far)
Peru step (where we met back in early 2012)
Mexico step (where we spent 6 months and one of our favorite countries)
California small step (Christine’s hometown)
Don’t Forget To Move custom step (a special surprise from Tom and Candace)



Final Word

We love them! There’s probably only one bad thing about these amazing bracelets, and that’s limiting yourself to just one! If you’ve been around the world, good luck trying to decide how to customize one bracelet, so you’re better off buying a few! For an elegant, stylized and personal travel memory, at an affordable cost, you really can’t go past these bracelets as the perfect souvenir or gift.

You can keep up to date with all El Camino’s latest developments through their website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



Win Your Very Own El Camino Bracelet

The generosity of El Camino just keeps coming! El Camino and Don’t Forget To Move are pleased to offer you the chance to create your very own travel memory of your journey around the world. It’s easy to get in the running for this great prize and thanks to Rafflecopter you can enter more than once!

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26 thoughts on “Style Your Way Around the World: El Camino Bracelets Review”

  1. OOH LA LA….Such a FABULOUS GIVEAWAY! This has “Megs” written all over it! Hello!? Oh please please please pick me? I have shared this giveaway on Twitter (@flutterbymegs)! All of these super stylish el-camino-bracelets has captured my heart, and it is calling my name as it wants to be a part of my life and travels 🙂 I would choose the El Camino – Turquoise bracelet and add the starter package(Single El Camino) and add the South Africa Step, and add the Africa Region and then finally finish it off with the wooden spacers! Fingers crossed!

  2. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win a bracelet from el camino 🙂
    I’d like to get a Holland bead because even though I have never been there I am saving up to go next year and make my dream come true.
    So it would be very motivational to get it.
    Greetings from guatemala

  3. Oh my goodness I LOVE these and have been saving up to start my own! Such a great idea and a wonderful souvenir to build and create that doesn’t take up too much room 🙂 Great giveaway guys! I’m so jealous 🙂

  4. Wow! They look amazing! And the idea of customized bracelet depending on your favourite places is just awesome! I would love to have one of those!

  5. These sound awesome and I love the turquoise blue…goes with my style and beachy look. Such a cool concept they’re smart for snagging it first!

  6. Oh I love the,! Such a great idea to travel the world…with the world in your hand, literally! I would add Bologna (or Italy), where I wS blrn and raised, California where I lived for two years, London, Paris and Australia!

  7. I have wanted one of these for ages! I would choose the turquoise band and for starters would choose New Zealand and Canada as they are my favourite countries, Europe and North America as my regions then London, Hawaii, Vancouver and Sydney as small steps. So much more to add though! Cape Town, Mexico, Colombia, France, Iceland…

  8. I absolutely LOVE these!! They look classy and well made yet durable enough for travelers! You can’t ask for a more versatile piece of jewelry! Plus I’d love to have reminders of poignant travel experiences on my wrist! I’ll for sure be entering the giveaway!

  9. I love these bracelets and really want to get my sister one as she loves to travel! My dad used to take us to lots of places when we were younger, such as USA and Venezuela, which would be the steps I would customize the bracelet with for her! 🙂 We plan to go to Australia next year as out Dad has just moved out there! 🙂 Maybe that can be the next one for her birthday! 😀

  10. oh i love these! i always like the concept of these bracelets but these are closer to my heart with the travel items, then the others. also, i love the way they are all the same size and no dangles. adorable!

  11. Absolutely LOVE these! Found out about them thanks to your post on instagram, so thanks so much for sharing!
    Already have plenty of Asian, African and European countries on the list, so friends and family will have choice in what to give me for my birthday next month 😉

  12. Hi guys! Me again trying to get a chance to win this! 🙂
    Last night I was going thru an old photo album and found some pictures from Miami, I think i’d like to add it in case I win. Why? Because miami is a breathtaking place.
    So much to do, super nice weather.

    1. Haha thanks for enthusiasm, we love it! Contest is being drawn at random in 7 days, so we wish you all the best of luck! After this we’re also going to be running a contest through our Wednesday Roamers #WeRoam photo contest for another bracelet, so we’ll keep you posted about that as well 😀

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