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Best Travel Tips From Our Favorite Bloggers Part 3



It’s time again for some of the best travel tips from our favorite bloggers! This weeks addition looks at the best way to save on accommodation. Most travelers would agree that the cost of accommodation is the one thing that eats away at your precious savings the fastest, therefore, if you can cut some corners you’ll definitely be able to stretch out that trip at least double the length. This week our favorite travel bloggers give us some of their best travel tips in regards to house sitting, living like a local and CouchSurfing. 



Enjoy free accommodation – Crazzzy Travel


Couchsurfing, is an online service which allows you to find a couch in someone’s apartment, absolutely for free. It is well-developed all over the world, so you’ll have no problem finding a host wherever you are, whether it’s in the northern provinces of Thailand or in New York City.  In order to arrange free accommodation send a couchsurfing request, accompanied with a nice letter, explaining why you travel and why you want to stay with your host. Don’t forget to give back to the community – host people, bring some really nice gifts with you, prepare your national meals, and keep in touch with people you meet on your travels. It is totally free of charge and allows you to learn more about everyday life of the locals.


Live like a local – AngloItalian


Seeing as we’re traveling in our second year on a budget, that should only have been big enough for one person to travel 12 months, we’ve gotten pretty good a living cheaply and living like a local. Buying products where the locals do at the markets instead of bigger supermarkets and convenience stores is a great start, but the key is your choice of accommodation. Using housesitting we’ve spent most of the past half year staying in local houses completely for free whilst the homeowner is away, leaving us to get really integrated with local life, whilst saving money along the way too.


Become a house sitter – Charlie on Travel


If you want to be a long-term traveller, house sitting is an excellent way to do it. House sitting gigs tend to be weeks or months long, which means you can keep travel costs down by having a semi-permanent base. Though staying in one place isn’t for everyone, house sitting gives you the opportunity to get off the tourist track, engage with the community and get to know the local people and lifestyle.

In Costa Rica, we were living well for less thanks to our house sitting assignment in a little barrio in the mountains. But house sitting isn’t all gorgeous views and sunshine, we also had eight dogs and one cat to look after, as well as a deadly snake in the garden! Taking care of someone else’s home and pets is a big responsibility and involves a lot of trust on the homeowner’s part. If you’re going to be a house sitter, that’s awesome, but make sure you’re prepared and committed.


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  1. Thanks for featuring me 🙂 Always a pleasure to be featured alongside these two awesome bloggers!

  2. These are great tips..! As I’m writing this, I’m just on my first house-sitting assignment 🙂 The cats are wild and I’ve already got some scratches from playing with them 😀 It’s fun and a great way how to become familiar with a place and blend in like a local.

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