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All Inclusive Life: The Final Pitstop

So this is it! The final hoorah, the end, el ultimo… finito!

Since leaving for Mexico at the end of January this year it has been a non-stop adventure of traveling, hiking, non-profit working, volcano climbing, salsa dancing, surfing, Spanish speaking, lake swimming, cultural learning, hitch hiking, Caribbean island hopping, fish catching and rum drinking experiences.

We’re currently enjoying the all inclusive life in Cancun, Mexico! After finding a cheap GroupOn deal, we found it fitting to end a travel life of peasantry with a serious splash out. 4 nights, 5 days, right up until the flight back to the States. And by all inclusive, we mean ALL INCLUSIVE! Cocktails at any hour, fresh sushi bars, Mexican buffet, Italian gourmet, 10 course tapas, Moroccan delicacies… all for free, and as much as we want!

We don’t want to spoil it too much right now, because we’ll be writing a big article about this in the future, so we’ll leave it at this. WOW! That’s it!

By the time you read this we’ll be heading back to the land of home comforts and leaching off parents. The States are calling, and we’ll be touching down 11pm Thursday the 14th. If you’re around the California Bay Area, hit us up with a message. We’d love to catch up with you for a drink… just don’t expect us to pay!

Love you all!






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2 thoughts on “All Inclusive Life: The Final Pitstop”

  1. Darn, if you were just now getting into the Bay Area I would have bought you plenty of drinks. Oh well, I truly hope I get to meet you two some day so I’ll save my $$ until then.

    All Inclusive has some serious benefits. I’ve been known to take advantage of that as well.

    1. We’ll both save our pennies and maybe one day we can meet up down in Mexico and enjoy the all-inclusive life together. We’ll definitely catch up around the Bay this year sometime, can’t wait!

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