Recipe For The Freshest (And Cheapest) Pina Colada You’ll Ever Taste

Being a backpacker is all about enjoying the little things. And how better to enjoy the moment than soaking up the Caribbean coast of Colombia with a fresh Pina Colada? A fancy pants cocktail can end up costing you up to 10 dollars in an upscale beach bar. Why pay extra just to have someone put a tiny umbrella in your glass? We’ve perfected the ultimate beach budget cocktail recipe. Part creativity, part foraging and big glug of rum. This cocktail is an afternoon of laying in a beach side hammock, in a glass.


Start by gathering all your ingredients, and sometimes I mean quite literally ‘gathering’.

    1. The piña (pineapple) is easy. You can pop down to your local morning market or corner fruit store to get one cheap and fresh. If you can pluck the leaves out of the stem, it usually means it’s sweet and ready.
    2. For the ron (rum) you won’t need to break the budget. Don’t be afraid of the bottom shelf rum in plastic bottles. Mixed with our other ingredients, you won’t be able to taste the difference.
    3. Next comes the hielo (ice). Rather than pay for a massive bag you can usually buy small personal ‘agua en una bolsa’ (water in a bag). Pop them in the freezer and you’ll have the perfect amount.
    4. The funnest part, the coco (the coconut). If you’re feeling lazy you’ll get one at market; if you’re feeling adventurous you’ll find yours at the beach for gratis. Take a cruise down to the shore and start hurling old fallen coconuts at the fresh ones in the trees. Watch out for stray territorial dogs, or the possibility of being on private property and having an old man chase you out.


    1. First you need to get the coconut ready. This requires a local machete wielding amigo, or a bit of resourcefulness. You can try to smash open the top point of the husk on a rock and peel it away, but if it’s fresh this can be tough. Otherwise you can swing the machete yourself, and try not to cut your hand off.
    2. Drain the coconut water by piercing a hole through what looks like tiny bowling ball finger slots. Two holes will help it drain faster. Collect a few coconuts worth of water and then crack one open and carve out the meat.
    3. Put the coconut flesh and water into a blender. As a ratio I use one coconut of flesh to three coconuts of water. Crank it up to high and blend into a frothy milk.
    4. Cut the pineapple into small cubes and remove the tough core.
    5. Smash the bag of ice on the floor to crack it all up. Or crack it up with the back of the machete.
    6. Add the pineapple and ice to your new coconut concoction and blend for a few minutes.
    7. Depending on your preference, you can strain some of the pulp, or keep it original and chewy.
    8. Add rum to taste and blend again for 30 seconds. Pour in a tall glass (or a coconut shell), add some more ice and enjoy!

Believe us, after a few ‘research’ trials we can definitely confirm these are the freshest and cheapest Pina Colada going round!

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  1. I must try to make this at some point, it looks so good and very refreshing! Thanks guys for sharing the recipe.


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