How to Pack for Melbourne Weather

How to Pack for Melbourne Weather

Ever wondered why the weather in Melbourne is so unbelievably unpredictable? We certainly have! And while we mightn’t be experts at decoding the mystery of the sky, we can give you a couple of handy tips if you’re planning on heading Down Under and want to know how to pack for Melbourne weather!


In fact, as I wrote this article it was absolutely hammering down with rain! After a pretty calm morning the dark clouds of rain rolled over the sky, as the clapping sound of thunder grew closer and closer. Next thing, bang! We were flooded. It’s hard to think this was even possible considering the last few days were absolutely gorgeous! I mean proper sun out, beach tanning weather.


how to pack for melbourne weather


Melbourne’s weather can best be summed up as four seasons in a day, and we mean this quite literally! Predicting the weather is about as difficult as trying to pin a kangaroo down on a trampoline. There are seasons, with semi-predictable weather patterns, but you’re just as likely to be caught up in a rainstorm in the middle of summer, as you are a mini-heat wave in winter. So when the weather can jump from sun to storm in a matter of 12 hours how do you even begin to pack for Melbourne?


All About The Layers

This is the easiest way around battling the hot or cold. Opt for thinner layers as opposed to bulky ones, that way you can always throw a few extra layers in your bag that fold away easy. You don’t want to get caught out having to carry around your massive winter coat all day.


how to pack for melbourne weather


Invest in a Rain Coat

A simple spray coat is a super handy multi-purpose weather saver. It packs up light and tight, and can be easily tucked into a day bag when you go out exploring the city. Invest in a decent one that lets you breath if it’s still humid, but also works to block out the cold Antarctic breeze that can whip through the city.


Slip Slop Slap!

Just as the rain might surprise you, you never know when the sun might break through the clouds and send its UV rich rays down upon you. Unfortunately Melbourne sits within a hole in the ozone layer and the UV count is high. Even on overcast days don’t be fooled by the grey skies, the sun can seep through and catch you off guard. The state of Victoria is home to some of the highest cases on skin cancer, so don’t forget to Slip, Slop Slap. (Do yourself a favor and check out this hilarious 1980 sun smart awareness ad on YouTube. Some classic Aussie pubic service announcement work here.)

how to pack for melbourne weather




Scarves, beanies, hats and gloves are all small enough to do their job, without taking up too much room in your bag. Personally I’m not a fan of umbrellas, even though I can see the practicality of them, but if they’re your thing then at least look for one of those small umbrellas that fold up.


It might not be all you need to know to combat Melbourne’s weather Gods, but it’ll give you a decent head start next time you’re wondering what to throw in your bag for a trip to the greatest city in the world (no bias, swear!).

how to pack for melbourne weather

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